This is not a weekend conference. It is an EXPERIENCE. The Money Multiplier Experience is a weekend of events where you’ll hear from some of the most brilliant and successful minds in Investing, Money Management, Marketing, Mindset and more. Not only that, but you will be able to address and connect with each one of them to be helped on whatever area is holding you back in business or life.

A Weekend Experience Filled with Knowledge, Empowerment, and Future Success

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How It Works

This is not a typical seminar or panel. This is an intimate experience where you be a full participant and not just a spectator.

This is an experience driven mastermind and each attendee will be given a chance to address the group at large and have their problems heard, analyzed, and solved by those who have been there, and who have figured out solutions.

Amazing things happen when you are given an opportunity to share some frustrations or big problems that you are facing. Spend a weekend at The Money Multiplier Experience for tons of practical solutions not only to issues you face, but also to issues you may not yet be aware of.

Only 25 total tickets. Get yours for $4993.00

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The Agenda

Friday – August 27th

Arrive to WNY Friday by 4:00pm est. Settle into your hotel or airbnb, freshen up, and then meet for dinner where you will be joined by top-tier professionals such as:

  • Michael Jewell to discuss futures trading
  • Chris Rood to talk about mobile home park investing
  • Robert Syslo to provide insight on promotion and marketing
  • and of course…

Chris Naugle and Brent Kesler.

Saturday – August 28th

Wake up feeling refreshed from the previous night and ready to really dive into the weekend’s activities which include:

  • Morning yoga session
  • Practice mindfulness and setting intentions
  • Lunch Lloyd’s Taco Truck for lunch
  • and presentations by…

Randy Garn

Randy truly understands the term relationship capital, and that people are your most valuable asset. Randy specializes in guiding leaders through personal and professional transformation

Rudy Ruettiger

Rudy is an Emmy Award-winning motivational keynote speaker, author, and producer with over 25 years of experience speaking to corporations, universities, sports teams, and special events. His life story inspired the major motion picture, RUDY.

Sunday –  August 29th

Headline Speaker: Brandon Steiner

Brandon Steiner has been a salesman for over 50 years. From turning his paper route into a certifiable business, to changing the face of memorabilia, he’s spent almost his entire life perfecting the ideals of customer service. With an unparalleled understanding of the service industry, he has now set his sights on educating the next generation of exceptional salespeople. Brandon is the foremost authority on creating value in yourself as an employee, exceeding your customers expectations by figuring out “what else?,” and many other topics guaranteed to increase sales and initiative.

Using anecdotal evidence from formative childhood experiences, all the way through his time developing his business and brand, Brandon will break down proven methods to up-sell, effectively close deals, and garner valuable business relationships. From establishing himself as the foremost paperboy in Brooklyn at the age of 10, to monetizing dirt, Brandon will share valuable business acumen acquired through a lifetime of dedication to sales and customer service.

  • Stop selling and & start solving
  • Figure out what your customer truly needs
  • Your first idea is not always your best idea
  • How to effectively & efficiently upsell
  • Change perception by looking at what else you can do to build a stronger relationship & increase your value.

Only 25 total tickets. Get yours for $4993.00

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See What Others Have To Say...

“Chris Naugle is an exceptional teacher. He’s taught me and my audience about money. The true ways to increase and multiply money. Schools and the workforce doesn’t teach us how to become wealthy. With Chris recognizing this, he took a stand to show us how to become wealthy. The path to wealth can be confusing for many, with Chris’ simplified strategies and teaching, the path is as clear as ever.”

– Andy Audate

“This experience has been amazing! I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning the specifics and function of wealth and money to attend! I am so grateful that I attended and I’m so much more prepared to take action and feel confident, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Caitlin Rosica

“Way better than anticipated. One of the best masterminds I’ve attended. The info and knowledge provided for private lending was terrific and unmatched from anywhere else. There is such a need for this education. I’ve been looking and there isn’t much out there. Great day of info!!”

– Jeremy Beland

“Excellent material! At my age, no one has made it this easy to understand and learn with how to utilize $ we have and other peoples $. The structure of the class and how everything flowed was great.”

– Ruby Aguirre

“Chris is a persistent, never take NO for an answer business entrepreneur and a rock star.”

– Greg S. Reid, CEO, Secret Knock, Bestselling Author

“Extremely informative. More information that I imagined when I signed up.”

– Conner McConaghy

Only 25 total tickets. Get yours for $4993.00

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Meet Your Teachers

Stephen Nagy

Stephen left his career as a Personal Financial Advisor to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor. 14 years later, he has never looked back. Stephen has spoken on hundreds of stages across the entire United States and worked with thousands of students over that time. As a Full Time Luxury Real Estate Agent in south Florida along with managing a RE investment business, Stephen lives and breathes real estate. Along side Chris Naugle, Stephen is dedicated to helping Money School students learn financial education, how to take back control of their money, and helping them achieve their dreams. Stephen now shares his formal education and experienced based education through webinar trainings, Live events, and working with students one on one.

Irving Moya

Irving Moya, Principal at Sol Coast Holdings LLC. Irving is a business owner, mentor, and entrepreneur. After serving in the US Army for 23 years, he retired honorably in 2012. His accomplishments gratify him, but mostly, he is proud of his 30-year marriage, children, and grandchildren! His continual interests in both investing and lending led him to the real estate industry. The ability to help hundreds of individuals and families create solutions for their unique situation is what keeps him motivated. Irving consistently stays educated on the cutting edge of rules, regulations, and industry news. He is an active member of the real estate industry. As a result of his experience, he works as a coach, trainer, and mentor with many investment education companies.

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