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Experience Defined: /ˌikˈspirēəns/ practical contact with and observation of facts or events. Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin experientia, from experiri ‘try’

It's time to get your money right, to take control back away from big banks, and become your own banker.

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Practical & Applicable.

This is not a typical seminar or panel. This is an intimate experience where you be a full participant and not just a spectator. This is an experience driven mastermind and each attendee will be given a chance to address the group at large and have their problems heard, analyzed, and solved by those who have been there, and who have figured out solutions.
  • Live Panel Discussion
  • Interactive Group Setting
  • Beautiful Mountain Resort
  • Intimate Question and Answers
  • Access to Each Speaker
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Limited Engagement, Only 25 Spots Available.

Explore the Property

Take a look around The Sundance Mountain Resort, for this life changing mastermind. A careful balance of art, nature, and community.

Full Participation, Required.

Amazing things happen when you are given an opportunity to share some frustrations or big problems that you are facing. Spend a weekend at The Money Multiplier Experience for tons of practical solutions not only to issues you face, but also to issues you may not yet be aware of.
  • Investing Strategies
  • Money Management
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Brand Strategy and Transformation
  • Mindset and Attitude
  • and more!
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Limited Engagement, Only 25 Spots Available.

The Agenda

Few places in the world have the majesty, beauty, and convenience of Sundance. Sundance offers the rare combination of a back-country wilderness experience with wide, groomed trails and separate snowshoe trails. Skiers and snowshoers share the woods with golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, elk, mule deer, and the ever present moose.

We will make time during our mastermind trip to break out for some adventures and activities like snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, with optional zip line tours, and art studio. More details to come!

Group Lodging rates available at resort, further booking link will be provided.

More Details To Come…


Wake up early, feeling refreshed for a special session by Jeff Wickersham, author of Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat. He will be doing a special Zoom session for early risers called Ignite Your Morning Fire at 6am to practice mindfulness and set your intentions for the weekend. A catered lunch will follow with gourmet food for all participants, regardless of dietary restrictions or how hungry you are.

Then we will begin our Saturday development sessions at Chris’ house, which truly make this weekend the experience of a lifetime. The focus is on our participants, who will work directly with the mentors in small groups. Each participant will discuss what they are working on, what their goals are, and what they want to accomplish this weekend. In exchange, the mentors will listen and guide each participant with their goals to uncover a path to accomplishing their goals.

Unlike most mastermind events, that train from the front of the room, we are choosing to do these intimate group sessions to make the most impact on each participant and help them crack the code to success.

There will also be presentations by…

Randy Garn

Randy truly understands the term relationship capital, and that people are your most valuable asset. Randy specializes in guiding leaders through personal and professional transformation.

And other mentors.

Following the sessions, time will be spent on the patio and in the lounge shooting pool and networking.

Bring a change of clothing if desired, because a limo bus will then transport us to the Money School Offices and a private theater for a once in a lifetime movie screening, where you will get the opportunity to meet the star the movie was written about. There will be a special gift for each participant, on top of the chance to hear the star speak and spend the rest of the night with our entire group. We will then go out to dinner at Neat again, for an unbelievable night spent networking and getting to know the group even more.


Get ready to kick your shoes off and have fun spending the day at a beautiful, private lake in the most exclusive neighborhood in Buffalo. There will be more time with the mentors, fun activities on the water, and team games to solidify the relationships we spent all weekend building. On top of the fun, we will all get to enjoy hearing from Brandon Steiner in the Lake Clubhouse.

Headline Speaker:

Brandon Steiner

Brandon Steiner has been a salesman for over 50 years. From turning his paper route into a certifiable business, to changing the face of memorabilia, he’s spent almost his entire life perfecting the ideals of customer service. With an unparalleled understanding of the service industry, he has now set his sights on educating the next generation of exceptional salespeople.

Brandon is the foremost authority on creating value in yourself as an employee, exceeding your customers expectations by figuring out “what else?” and many other topics guaranteed to increase sales and initiative. Using anecdotal evidence from formative childhood experiences, all the way through his time developing his business and brand, Brandon will break down proven methods to up-sell, effectively close deals, and garner valuable business relationships. From establishing himself as the foremost paperboy in Brooklyn at the age of 10, to monetizing dirt, Brandon will share valuable business acumen acquired through a lifetime of dedication to sales and customer service.

Stop selling and & start solving

Figure out what your customer truly needs

Your first idea is not always your best idea

How to effectively & efficiently upsell

Change perception by looking at what else you can do to build a stronger relationship & increase your value.

The Reviews

“Chris Naugle is an exceptional teacher. He’s taught me and my audience about money. The true ways to increase and multiply money. Schools and the workforce doesn’t teach us how to become wealthy. With Chris recognizing this, he took a stand to show us how to become wealthy. The path to wealth can be confusing for many, with Chris’ simplified strategies and teaching, the path is as clear as ever.”

– Andy Audate

“This experience has been amazing! I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning the specifics and function of wealth and money to attend! I am so grateful that I attended and I’m so much more prepared to take action and feel confident, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Caitlin Rosica

“Way better than anticipated. One of the best masterminds I’ve attended. The info and knowledge provided for private lending was terrific and unmatched from anywhere else. There is such a need for this education. I’ve been looking and there isn’t much out there. Great day of info!!”

– Jeremy Beland

“Excellent material! At my age, no one has made it this easy to understand and learn with how to utilize $ we have and other peoples $. The structure of the class and how everything flowed was great.”

– Ruby Aguirre

“Chris is a persistent, never take NO for an answer business entrepreneur and a rock star.”

– Greg S. Reid, CEO, Secret Knock, Bestselling Author

“Extremely informative. More information that I imagined when I signed up.”

– Conner McConaghy

Featured Speakers

Chris Naugle

Chris Naugle has dedicated his life to being America’s #1 Money Mentor. His success includes managing over 30 million dollars in assets in the financial services and advisory industry and tens of millions in real estate business, with over 200 transactions and an HGTV pilot show since 2014.

As an innovator and visionary in wealth-building and real estate, he empowers others with the knowledge of how money works and how to use that to break the chains of financial slavery. To date, he has spoken to or taught more than ten thousand Americans.

Brent Kesler

I was a Chiropractor and Chiropractic coach for over 14 years in what seems like a previous life at this point. After implementing The Money Multiplier (TMM) Method, I was able to pay off $984,711 in 3rd party debt in 39 months. I became so passionate about how powerful this concept was, I began to share it with others. It was when my previous mentor told me that I had successfully referred over forty new clients into the system, that I took his advice and started the journey to becoming a licensed producer. My main goal in making this move was simply to help more people understand how to manage and grow their wealth.

Chris Rood

Chris is a full time real estate investor, coach, mentor, sales professional, and entrepreneur. He specializes in wholesaling real estate to real estate investors and mobile home parks.

Chris also coaches every-day individuals to help get them started in Real Estate and get a wholesaling business off the ground quickly, or take their existing business to the next level, fast!

Randy Garn

Randy Garn is a New York Times bestselling author, passionate Entrepreneur and Business Builder, High Performance Coach and Partner at High Performance Institute with Brendon Burchard, and co-founder of Prosper. Randy specializes in guiding leaders through personal and professional transformation. Randy loves his wife, Charlotte, their four beautiful daughters, and two rowdy boys.

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