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What happens when you combine great ideas and the means to fund them in one place?Magic.

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The Private Money Club is an online community where you can network with lenders and borrowers to make it easy to find like-minded people to collaborate with and complete your goals. Whether you are looking for exciting projects to invest in, or are looking for investors to help fund and bring your own projects to life, the Private Money Club is the resource you need.
  • Connect with potential investors
  • Quickly find and connect with investment opportunities
  • Work out deals with like-minded people
  • Make your projects easy-to-find
  • Access to the weekly “Money Club Monday” highlighting deals, lenders, borrowers, and more
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Only $997 Per Year!

Top Professionals Only.

When you join the Private Money Club, you will be working with other educated investors. This is because we provide the training and tools you need to make educated decisions. We also mimic the banks, requiring all Borrowers complete and present the Perfect Loan Proposal. As a lender, you will have all the details you need to know about the lender and the deal to make the best decisions for your money.
Education Included with Private Money Club:
  • Getting Started with Private Money Lending
  • Private Money Lending: The Basics - Must Do’s and Dont’s
  • Four Week Master Course - Learn how Banks work and Money moves
  • Perfect Loan Proposal Training for Borrowers and Lenders
  • Full Access to the File Vault Tools to evaluate deals
  • Weekly Monday Private Lending Webinar
  • Monthly Coaching through MSTV Premier
  • Support from the Private Money Club team
We will then invite them to join the group.This ensures that this club is for professionals only, making for smooth, fair and successful deals.
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Only $997 Per Year!

How Does It Work?

The Private Money Club is hosted on Slack.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Slack, Slack is a collaboration software. You can use Slack from a web browser on a computer or an app on a smart device. Big businesses use Slack to securely collaborate across teams, departments, offices and countries. Think of it as Facebook, but without the noise. Even NASA uses Slack. You can post questions, comments, images, PDFs, files, etc.

We’ll guide you through creating a profile and adjusting your status based on whether you are looking to lend, need funds, etc.

Only $997 per Year!

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Spend 2 hours each month learning in-depth strategies and opportunities. Learn directly from the source during a 2-hour LIVE zoom with audio/video ON. Be prepared to interact with the team and take your business and money to the next level! Your home for investment strategies, wealth building, debt elimination & the mentoring you NEED to take back CONTROL of your MONEY.

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What is MSTV?

MSTV is Chris Naugle’s members-only monthly group coaching, with a side of on-demand digital content designed to teach and help you maintain your path to financial wellness.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a community of top investors and entrepreneurs, money mentors, and badass peers positioned to help one another achieve their goals.

MSTV is where you grow your confidence around how you treat your money and allows you to get familiar with methods your money mentors and peers are implementing RIGHT NOW and how you can too! MSTV is designed to help you reach new levels of abundance, one victory at a time.

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A variety of deals and opportunities await you inside the Private Money Club. These include:

  • Private Deals
  • Private Funds
  • Hard Money
  • Turn-Key Rentals
  • Notes
  • Leverage
  • 3 month to 3 years passive income opportunities
  • And More!
  • Short Term Quick Flips
  • Wholesale Deals
  • Lending opportunities ranging from $10k to $1,000,000+
  • Single Family
  • Multi Family
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Mobile Home Parks
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Only $997 Per Year!

Disclaimer: Any income or earnings depicted are not to be interpreted as common, typical, or expected. We make no guarantees as to your income or earnings of any kind. Your success is not guaranteed and will be based on your effort, determination, education, and market conditions. By entering your phone number during the webinar registration process, you are authorizing us to send SMS notifications (calls, text, etc.) through your communication service provider in order to deliver them to you.