This exclusive program will give you everything you need to become an educated Private Money Lender.

From A-Z, you’ll get all the knowledge and support necessary to start lending money directly on real estate investment deals so you can put your money to work and watch it grow.

Taught by Irving Moya & Stephen Nagy

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What You Will Learn

During the course of this class, you’ll learn everything from the very basics to top-tier strategies in picking lucrative investments. We also teach you how to avoid bad deals and how to protect your assets. When you’re done, you’ll be fully ready to enter the world of private investing and start succeeding.

Here’s what you will receive:

  • 6 weeks of training, coaching and support – 1 90 minute Zoom training weekly for 6 weeks
  • Action Items weekly to implement what they learn and be set up and ready to go at the end of 6 weeks
  • Membership into the Private Money Club
  • Sample contracts, forms, documents
  • Tools & software training to evaluate deals
  • Workbook to follow and study with each week
  • Full Support during the 6 week coaching

An Incredible Value for Only $2,493

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Training Topics

Becoming the Bank- Determine Your Lending Criteria

a. Am I a conservative lender or do I put it all on red? (Determining risk tolerance)

b. Is lending right for me?

c. House rules (set your minimum standards)

d. Money Sources – using SDIRAs, IBC, and other “lazy money” to lend

Evaluating Deals 

a. Determine ARV (after repair value)

b. Research properties local market- crime rates, growth, employers, buyers, etc

c. Running the numbers

Is My Borrower Credit Worthy?

a.  Evaluate the level of borrowers’ experience

b. Evaluate the remodel crew experience

c. Reviewing the Perfect Loan Proposal 

Should I Go For Interest or Equity?

a. Straight interest, origination fees, skin in the game, reserves

b. Joint venture

c. Equity partnership

How to Protect Me and My Cash!

a. What documentation should I consider?

b. Liens on the property, promissory notes, affidavit of equitable interest, recording liens, etc

c. Insurance requirements (builders risk policy), workman’s comp, etc

Deal Lab- Putting it All Together

a. Running scenarios

b. Evaluating students current deals students have

Common Questions and Useful Topics:

a. What’s the different between conventional, hard money, and private money?

b. As a private lender what do I need to look for in a deal?

c. How to I protect myself

d. Do I need to register with the SEC as a private lender?

e. Am I restricted on how many loans?

f. How to I distribute the funds?

g. How am I protected?

h. How to negotiate the terms and rates?

i. What happens if I don’t get paid?

j. What happens if the property get damaged, burned, or flooded? Do I lose my $?

k. How can I protect myself?

l. Do I lend for purchase? Rehab? Closing? Transactions? Bridge? Long term?

An Incredible Value for Only $2,493

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See What Others Have To Say...

“Chris Naugle is an exceptional teacher. He’s taught me and my audience about money. The true ways to increase and multiply money. Schools and the workforce doesn’t teach us how to become wealthy. With Chris recognizing this, he took a stand to show us how to become wealthy. The path to wealth can be confusing for many, with Chris’ simplified strategies and teaching, the path is as clear as ever.”

– Andy Audate

“This experience has been amazing! I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about learning the specifics and function of wealth and money to attend! I am so grateful that I attended and I’m so much more prepared to take action and feel confident, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

– Caitlin Rosica

“Way better than anticipated. One of the best masterminds I’ve attended. The info and knowledge provided for private lending was terrific and unmatched from anywhere else. There is such a need for this education. I’ve been looking and there isn’t much out there. Great day of info!!”

– Jeremy Beland

“Excellent material! At my age, no one has made it this easy to understand and learn with how to utilize $ we have and other peoples $. The structure of the class and how everything flowed was great.”

– Ruby Aguirre

“Chris is a persistent, never take NO for an answer business entrepreneur and a rock star.”

– Greg S. Reid, CEO, Secret Knock, Bestselling Author

“Extremely informative. More information that I imagined when I signed up.”

– Conner McConaghy


What This 3 Day Event Will teach you

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve spent your entire adult life paying the banks, your creditors, and your expenses. At the same time, you’ve watched your retirement funds and legacy drastically fluctuate or evaporate in the markets. You’ve been taught to give up control of your finances and assume risk, and it is costing you your financial freedom. The wealthiest people know differently.

Nelson Nash, Robert Kiyosaki, and Tony Robbins have all used similar strategies. Now, you can build your wealth, keep your money in the family, pay off debt and expenses, and recycle and recapture money like conventional banks do… all without taking on any risks, working any harder, changing your cash flow, or losing control of your finances! Today everything changes. Today, YOU become the bank.

A $3087 Value for Only $297

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What We Show You in This Virtual Event
Has been used for over 200 years by the wealthiest people in the world

Many people don’t know about the method we teach at this event, and that some of the world’s most wealthiest people have utilized a life to get funds… people like Walt Disney, Ray Kroc, JP Morgan, and many others. In fact, when people hear that they can become their own bank they automatically think that they’re spending money rather than earning it and they forget all about becoming their own banker with it. But the whole truth is that most people out there just don’t know about how money REALLY works…Due to the fact that no one has ever taught them, they couldn’t pass on some of the tools that some of the wealthy have been using for over 200 years! Now, when you are your own bank, there’s a cash value account that you will have and that is the main focus of what we do here…

Because with this account, you can pay just about anything from this cash account like your daily expenses, mortgage, credit cards, cars, and taxes, it doesn’t matter! But instead of paying for something and never seeing that money again, our concept which we cover in this event, allows you to recapture and recycle that money that you’re spending anyway.

Literally, recycling it and putting it back into your policy so that you can create WEALTH for yourself.We will also show you how to build wealth through your own debts and expenses! You literally can take back the banking functions yourself and won’t need banks anymore.

Money isn’t supposed to be a goal, it is supposed to be a means to reach your goals…

And this method will help you shift your thinking and to FINALLY start taking the steps toward financial freedom and wealth creation WITHOUT you working ANY harder, working ANY longer, taking on ANY more risk, or losing control of your money and finances.

A $3087 Value for Only $297

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Meet Your Teachers

Stephen Nagy

Stephen left his career as a Personal Financial Advisor to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor. 14 years later, he has never looked back. Stephen has spoken on hundreds of stages across the United States and worked with thousands of students over that time. Living in south Florida with his wife and son, Stephen not only talks the talk, but walks the walk every single day, growing his Real Estate businesses and practicing financial strategies like IBC to create a legacy. Alongside Chris Naugle, Stephen is dedicated to helping Money School students learn financial education, how to take back control of their money, and working with them to achieve their dreams. Stephen now shares his experience, education, and strategies through weekly webinar trainings, Live events, and working with clients one on one.

Irving Moya

Irving Moya, Principal at Sol Coast Holdings LLC. Irving is a business owner, mentor, and entrepreneur. After serving in the US Army for 23 years, he retired honorably in 2012. His accomplishments gratify him, but mostly, he is proud of his 30-year marriage, children, and grandchildren! His continual interests in both investing and lending led him to the real estate industry. The ability to help hundreds of individuals and families create solutions for their unique situation is what keeps him motivated. Irving consistently stays educated on the cutting edge of rules, regulations, and industry news. He is an active member of the real estate industry. As a result of his experience, he works as a coach, trainer, and mentor with many investment education companies.

An Incredible Value for Only $2,493

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What you are getting:

Bonus #1:

Event Recordings (Value $1,997)

The 3 Day Live Virtual ZOOM recordings for reference material and unlimited replays

Bonus #2:

Access to The File Vault (Value $197)

Fully customizable, digital, and easy to use Investment tools designed by Chris for his own business. Chris shares the tools that make his Real Estate investing company run more effectively and efficiently.
Know your numbers, know your profits, know when it’s a good deal, and access all the money you’ll ever need using these File Vault Investor Tools.

Complete digital access to the following tools:

• Cash Flow Deal Inspector
• Max Offer Form
• Closing Cost Estimator
• Private Lending Packet
• Credibility Builder

Bonus #3:

Comprehensive Wealth Builder Kit On-Demand Video Training & Education (Value $997)

Chris takes you inside the market to show you exactly how the wealthy invest.
When you understand the market, you learn how to follow the #1 rule of investing: Buy low, Sell High, and Don’t lose money.
The Comprehensive Wealth Workbook is the #1 source to accessing all the money for your deals including real case studies and real world examples.

• Video lesson – Unlocking Market Patterns
• The Comprehensive Wealth Workbook

Bonus #4:

FREE Self Directed IRA Starter Kit (Value $597.00)

Take back control of your money and your retirement.
Less than 4% of all IRAs in the United States are self directed. Learn WHY you need one immediately, and HOW to use them to get more funds to close more deals.
Through our network, we save you hundreds of dollars in set up fees and give you expert training and consultations to ensure your retirement looks the way you want it to.

• Setup Of Your Personal Self Directed IRA Or Self Directed Roth IR
• How To Create True Wealth In 33 Days Or Less Video
• Self Directed Success eBook
• One-On-One Consultation With A Wealth Specialist To Create Your Tax-Free Income Plan.

Bonus #5:

One on One Consultation with a Money School Mentor (Priceless)

One on One Consultation with a Money School Mentor to make sure you understand, apply, and take action on the knowledge and resources you learned during the 3 day training.

• Review of your Financial GPS Action Plan to give you guided direction what to do immediately after this 3 day training!

Bonus #6:

FREE One Month Membership To The Money School TV
(Value $19)

FREE One Month Membership To The Money School TV
(Value $19)

A $3087 Value for Only $297

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